Rotterdam Summit 2018

The fourth Zero Suicide International summit will take place in the Netherlands, hosted by Dr. Jan Mokkenstorm and 113 Suicide Prevention [Read more here].


Let’s Meet Don Berwick

In preparation for Rotterdam 2018, Dr. Jan Mokkenstorm interviews Dr. Don Berwick on quality and Zero Suicide [View on YouTube].


Is Suicide Really a Choice?

Zero Suicide is triple aim robust performance improvement, a collection of discrete evidence-based practices, but also revolutionary clinical  assumptions [View on YouTube].


ISMICC Takes a Huge Step Forward

The 2017 report to Congress by the ISMICC, The Way Forward: Federal Action for a System That Works, includes three objectives supporting Zero Suicide (download here).

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

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Zero Suicide is a global movement that has mobilized professionals in the field of suicide prevention across the globe to cooperate in research and share prevention. “Beyond the Tipping Point” is the fourth international summit. In 2018, the summit will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Let’s join together and continue the worldwide networking and learning as we pursue this audacious dream. We are excited about a growing global movement of healthcare and suicide prevention leaders.