Julie Goldstein Grumet, PhD


Dr. Julie Goldstein Grumet is a clinical psychologist and public health professional who works for EDC, Inc., and leads its Zero Suicide Institute. Her mission has been to create the framework, resources and workplans so that the Zero Suicide initiative is adopted with fidelity and maximum impact.

Her activities at EDC in support of Zero Suicide include the following:

  • Developed the Zero Suicide toolkit to assist health and behavioral care leaders and leadership teams in implementing the seven elements of the initiative
  • Offer technical assistance in implementing the Zero Suicide initiative to health and behavioral health care systems
  • Maintain a library of resources for understanding and implementing Zero Suicide
  • Orchestrating through the Zero Suicide Institute faculty routine implementation academies throughout the United States so that organizations can develop their action plans for next steps

Learn more at ZeroSuicideInstitute.com and ZeroSuicide.edc.org