Michael F. Hogan, PhD

23 HoganMichael Hogan served as State Commissioner of Mental Health for New York, Ohio and Connecticut and totaled one of the longest tenures in these key leadership positions. Previously, he chaired the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health in 2002-2003. Dr. Hogan served as the first mental health representative on the board of The Joint Commission (2007-2015).

This remarkable experience as mental health pioneer all came together when Dr. Hogan was asked to join the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention in 2010. He and David Covington began partnering together on the task force which published the Suicide Care in Systems Framework. These two co-leads went on to give more than a hundreds presentations in multiple countries spreading the transformative message of Zero.

Together with Dr. Julie Goldstein Grumet, David Covington and the team at the Education and Development Center (EDC, Inc.), Dr. Hogan was the primary architect for the ZeroSuicide.edc.org website and its 7 element toolkit and fidelity framework for replication.

Dr. Hogan also led the coordination with the Joint Commission on the release of Sentinel Event Alert #56, Detecting and Treating Suicidal Ideation in All Settings. He facilitated the program at the third Zero Suicide International summit in Sydney, Australia.